Australia Accommodation For Travelers

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Travelers to Australia are likely to be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of accommodation choices they will be faced with on their trip. From the hotels to backpackers and luxury resorts to self serviced apartments you will be able to find exactly the kind of accommodation you require for your stay. Since tourism is a major revenue generating activity the local authorities have made sure to provide different kinds of accommodation for different budget ranges. The variation in cost is relative to the standard of services and the kind of facilities that particular accommodation has to offer.

The different kinds of Australia accommodation that you will be able to find during your trip are mentioned below:


If you are looking for luxury and indulgence then there is nothing better than making a reservation at one of the many Australian resorts. Local resorts are known to be extremely spacious and offer high-quality accommodation. Some of best places to look for good resorts in Australia are Wine Country of South Australia and Hamilton Island of Queensland.


Australia has an extensive collection of world-class hotels that offer you accommodation in the form of hotel rooms and suites. The better hotels also feature on-site restaurants, fitness centers, pools and many other facilities. Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane along with other major cities are known for having some of the best hotels of the country ranging between two star and five star accommodation.


If you are looking for a more affordable option then you will be able to find many roadside hotels that offer reasonable accommodation at reasonable prices. Such type of accommodation usually offer a room along with a private bath and basic utilities like television, a small fridge as well as tea and coffee making facilities. Hotels are an excellent choice for those individuals that will be going on t driving holiday in the different states of Australia.

Serviced Apartments and Holiday Units

The concept of serviced apartments and holiday units has really picked up in Australia. The serviced apartments in Australia offer you a flexible lifestyle experience endowing you with all possible facilities you could need to manage your own affairs. From Q Resort Apartments on the Gold Coast to Oaks Residency in Melbourne you will be able to find top notch holiday apartments in different parts of the country.

Bed and Breakfasts

A large number of small bed and breakfast joints are spread across the continent country. These joints are constructed within inner city townhouses and country homesteads and offer humble accommodation with home cooked meals. This is the most affordable accommodation option you will be able to find.

Farm stays

If you want to break free from the contemporary lifestyle and get close to nature on your trip then you should opt for farm stays during your trip. Imagine having your own farm, that is exactly how you will feel in one of the many farm houses that are available for rent in different areas such as the hinterlands of Western Australia and the Australian Outback region.